In order to assist our clients to manage Work Health and Safety risk, we provide a wide range of services. SafeT Now Consulting works closely with Executive, Operational, Line Management Teams, employees and contractors to identify the key Work Health and Safety initiatives that drive a significant impact on people and performance.



Outsourced Work Health & Safety Services

We are engaged by clients to provided outsourced Work Health and Safety consultancy services. We provide strategic advice and guidance to Boards, Executive Management Teams, Line Management and employees to build internal capability and influence cultural change against requirements of the complex Work (Occupational) Health and Safety Legislation. Services often include the completion of an initial Work Health and Safety Audits and Gap review followed by the establishment or enhancement of any identified management system documentation gaps, completion of risk assessments, delivery of training and ongoing support.


Work Health & Safety Audits and Gap Reviews

We perform risk priority based gap analyses against the criteria of the Model Work Health and Safety Legislation and the requirements of AS/NZS 45001 (2018): Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems – Requirements with guidance for use. Upon completion, we provide a concise report detailing findings in traffic light format (i.e. high, medium and low urgency), documents sighted, observations made of worksite conditions and recommendations to rectify non-conformances. We present and discuss these findings in person to ensure that you understand the detail provided and required next steps.


Self Insurance Audits

The completion of self-insurance audits against the National Self-Insurer OHS management system audit tool. We provide strategic advice relating to findings, observations and actions required to rectify identified minor and major non-conformances.


Development or enhancement of Work Health and Safety systems

We can customise template Work Health and Safety Management System documentation to assist clients who are starting from the beginning or clients who have advanced safety management systems. Such documentation includes but is not limited to: Work Health and Safety policy statement, Injury Management/Return to Work policy statement, Bullying and Harassment policy statement, Drug and Alcohol policy statement, Work Health and Safety roles and responsibilities, Work Health and Safety Risk Management procedure, Contractor Management procedure, Incident Reporting and Investigation procedure, Incident carbon report book, Consultation procedure, Toolbox meeting carbon book, internal audit processes,


Development of Strategic Work Health & Safety Action Plan

We assist clients to prioritise Work Health and Safety actions via the development of Strategic Work Health and Safety Plans, Action Plans and Risk Management Plans.


Development of Executive Level Safety Reporting

We develop in consultation with our clients template Work Health and Safety reporting methods based on positive performance indicators.


Completion of First Response Incident Investigations

We can perform high level forensic first response incident investigations under legal professional privilege to assist clients following serious workplace incidents.


Delivery of tailored onsite training services

We deliver customised Work Health and Safety training to clients including:
> Work Health and Safety Due Diligence for company officers, often in conjunction with National Law Practice Head;
> Work Health and Safety Risk Management;
> General Work Health and Safety Awareness training for line managers/supervisors;
> Contractor Management;
> Incident investigation;
> Manual handling and ergonomics


Provision of Ergonomics & Manual Handling Advice

Including our ‘Industrial Athlete’ Program


Assistance with Strategic Workers Compensation Advice

We can provide strategic advice in relation to Injury Management and Industrial Medicine


On Call Help Desk Support

We can provide an on-call help desk support service. This enables clients to make contact with SafeT Now Consulting to ask questions and receive guidance on particular matters relating to Work Health and Safety.


WorkSafe Victoria OHS Essentials Program provider

SafeT Now Consulting is an approved provider of WorkSafe Victoria’s OHS Essentials program.

The program is open to businesses with up to 60 employees and involves the provision of free independent safety advice from a SafeT Now Consulting consultant. An initial site visit lasts up to 3 hours and follow up visits will be around 2-3 hours. The SafeT Now Consulting consultant works with small business owners to develop a safety action plan tailored to your business’ needs and size. The plan will help your organisation prioritise issues and provide advice on implementing strategies to mitigate or resolve potential safety issues in your workplace.

To apply for this free service, please click here and list SafeT Now Consulting under the section ‘do you have a preferred consultant’.



We’ve been very pleased with the assistance and service provided by SafeT Now Consulting. Matthew Salter has assisted us in improving our safety management performance across our private hospitals. His expertise and practical approach has been integral to the improvements we have seen. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to help guide safety performance in other organisations.

Anna Clarke
Director of Human Resources
St. Vincent’s Health Australia

Matt is one of our key suppliers of safety advice and support at FCW Lawyers. FCW Lawyers has a strong team of lawyers working exclusively in safety and at any time has 10 or more safety prosecutions that we are defending.

Matt is prompt, reliable, practical and strategic in his assistance and well-loved and respected by our team.

Andrew Douglas
Managing Principal
FCW Lawyers

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